The Oshawa Times, also known at one point as The Oshawa Daily Times, was a print newspaper that served Oshawa, Ontario and the surrounding area for nearly 100 years. The newspaper went through various owners in it’s lengthy run, which culminated in 1994, when Thomson Newspapers (now Thomson Reuters) closed the business after a lengthy strike with employees.

In the years since, many residents of Oshawa have become jaded at the quality, or lack thereof, of honest reporting of local news. For more than 20 years, concerned residents have spoken out against the only remaining local news sources, upset as members of the media becoming increasingly friendly with those whom they are intended to cover without bias. While other news sources have sprung up in the area, they are either limited by reach, or by shady managerial practices that question the credibility of the source.

The Oshawa Times has a place in the heart of many in the community, and our community has a special place in the heart of The Oshawa Times. As such, effective August 2016, The Oshawa Times is officially back! No longer controlled by Thomson-Reuters, our ownership lives and works right here, in the community, and it is our belief that the Times belongs to the people of Oshawa!

At The Oshawa Times, our only objective is to bring you news and opinion of other Oshawa/Durham Region residents, as nobody knows your neighbourhood as well as you and your neighbours!